Lee pace married to his longtime boyfriend

In an interview with GQ Hype the 43 year old actor confirm that he will married his long term boyfriend Matthew Foley

Lee pace and Foley were first introduced by a mutual friend

The actor said I said to my friend Nick ‘You know a lot of people who do you have for me?’ And luckily it has worked out”

“What I’ll say about being married it was once described to me as an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend In our experience that is absolutely true If you’ve found one person you can be weird around hold on tight”

He further said that he and Foley hope to expand their family

“I’d love to have kids” Pace said “I think there’s nothing better than little kids running around”

He recently starred in the film Bodies Bodies Bodies

He is also know for his role Joe Macmillan in the AMC series Halt and catch fire and Thranduli in The Hobbit movie

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